We've seen the eagle!!



Since we moved in, there have been reports of a Golden Eagle, named Eddie, of course, who lives nearby. 


After a recent guest spotting him, our efforts to see him have doubled - binoculars trained on the hills opposite the house whenever there's a bit of sunshine. Yesterday was the day he decided to make his appearance and, wow, he really is a big 'un! All the locals said, don't worry you'll know when you see him and know I know why. The red kites and buzzards were dive-bombing him and they looked like tiny songbirds. He actually looks like a glider; no flapping of those gigantic wings, just soaring effortlessly up and up on the thermals.... fantastic!


Of course, I'd like to post a lovely photo of him but sadly didn't have my phone to hand but hopefully I'll get one soon but here's a nice photo of the garden instead