Felling a Scary Leaning Tree


Last Saturday was a rather nervous affair as we had the chunky trunk of the ash tree to be felled.



As you can see, it had a rather nasty lean - straight towards Ysgubor barn and so we'd had to make the decision to fell it.






Whilst Andre and Pip were preparing to bring it down, we paced round the house waiting. Then we heard the thud - two tonnes of tree hitting the ground. Thankfully it had landed exactly where is should have and hadn't 1/ taken out the barn 2/ taken out the garage or 3/ taken out Andre or Pip. Cups of tea all round!

Although we now have more light getting through, we now have a big gap. So we are consulting the internet and books to decide what to plant in its place. A huge pile of logs are now waiting to be split - we won't be short of fuel in the winter.