5 Top Tips for Eco-Friendly (effective) Cleaning

As accommodation owners we are also cleaners! Having sparkling clean accommodation is paramount but so is looking after our environment so here are our best tips..

1/ Tea/Coffee stains

Umpteen stains can be removed with lemon and salt - in particular a tea-stained sink and washing up bowl

2/ Dastardly water marks on the shower door

This is an easy one - re-purpose your old shower puff and add a couple of drops of eco washing up liquid. Yes, you'll need a tiny bit of elbow grease too but better than paying £4 for a bottle of harsh chemicals

3/ Indian Dinner made a Nasty mess of the Microwave?

Add a dash of vinegar to a (microwavable) bowl of water and micro until it produces some steaminess then leave for a few minutes with the door closed. Remove bowl and a soapy cloth will do the rest. PS keep the door open for a while after or it'll smell like you've microwaved some chips in there!

4/ Disinfect Chopping Boards

We are back to the lemons again!

5/ Horrid stains on your best Egyptian Cotton bed linen?

Well, there are times when we have to resort to chemicals. We use a baby bottle sterilising fluid which is much kinder than bleach and doesn't leave a strong aroma after. Pop just a dash in a warm bowl of water and soak the offending section. Rinse when stain has gone and wash as normal - ps only for whites! PPS if trying to remove fake tan this doesn't usually work as it's oil-based. Washing up liquid is best for this.

Enjoy your cleaning!! Regards, Lee